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AYCO is your #1 resource for youth circus resources and community!

AYCO values community and creates connections among circus youth, educators, supporters, and parents of all ages and skill levels. Check this page for updates on how you can be connected to a wide array of circus resources.

Find circus opportunities around the USA!

Use our directory to find a circus program, educator, college club, or organization near you. You can search by name, location, organization, or specialization.


Circus for College Students

Are you looking for a college with a circus program, support connecting with other like-minded college circus artists, or professional opportunities? Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Circus on Campus Facebook group helps you connect with college students who are involved with circus at colleges and universities around the USA.
  • Our Map shows the location of all of the active college circus and juggling clubs we have on record.
  • Internships are available on a rolling basis and may be done for college credit under certain circumstances. Contact us for more information.

Circus Parents

Circus youth thrive thanks to the many supportive adults who are stakeholders in their lives. Join our Circus Parents Facebook group to connect with other parents and guardians who support circus youth.

Safety is always the top priority in circus. We have developed safety guidelines for circus spaces and educators and we invite you to explore them. Learn all about our Circus Arts Safety Program.

Safety Guidelines

The Circus Arts Safety Program was developed by our American Circus Educators branch in order to provide guidelines for safety in circus education.  The mission of the program is:

To establish specific guidelines that will help promote, encourage and foster better safety and risk management practices as related to circus arts by creating a system that recognizes circus spaces that demonstrate a continued commitment to better safety practices as based on ACE’s guidelines.”

All of our guidelines are available to the public. Check out the guidelines.

Hup! Squad

Join the 2018 Hup Squad!

We’re looking for young circus leaders with oodles of creativity and motivation, strong writing skills, and great reliability.

The AYCO Hup Squad is a group of super cool, circus obsessed teens. The Squad designs and creates content such as reviews, interviews, and articles for the AYCO CircusIsMyLife blog and AYCOgrams and advises on swag for youth members and AYCO’s social media presence. Hup Squad members receive special Hup Squad Swag, access to interview professional artists, and opportunities to see and review performances and events.


DEADLINE is February 1st, 2017!

Squad members must be members of AYCO (or join us when accepted) and are expected to devote 5 hours per month to the squad for one year. Note: Youth under 18 must fill out the application with their parent/guardian. 

Circus Educators


The American Circus Educators Association was formed in 2014 as a branch of the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and is dedicated to supporting circus educators and circus education organizations. ACE is the trusted authority when it comes to all things circus education and is the primary source for professional development, networking, and information about circus education for anyone identifying as a circus parent, teacher, educator, coach, program director, or administrator.