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AYCO organizes three kinds of events: a biennial national festival, regional festivals, and young artist showcases!

We also host regional festivals and produce showcases to provide young performers with the opportunity to share their talents at big circus events nationwide.

Biennial National American Youth Circus Festival

The national festival happens every two years and is always in a new and exciting location.

The next AYCOfest will be in 2019 at the  San Diego Circus Center, dates to be announced!

Past AYCOfest info:

2017 AYCOFest – Trenton, NJ

2015 AYCOFest – Portland, ME

Regional Festivals

Regional festivals are one day events filled to the brim with workshops and closing with a youth showcase. They are hosted by our member organizations and are a great way to learn from different coaches, perform for your peers, and meet circus youth from your region!

Saturday February 4th, 2018

2018 Arizona AYCO Regional Festival


If you’re interested in hosting a regional festival, please contact claire@americanyouthcircus.org!