AYCO Launches Rob Mermin's Ambassador Tour

07 Oct 2010 11:15 AM | Deleted user

The American Youth Circus Organization is proud to announce the first AYCO-sponsored youth circus ambassador tour.  Read the flyer for details of “Circle of Sawdust: A Picturesque History of Circus In Film”

AYCO is supporting tours like this in order to help spread the word about youth in circus, and to connect youth in circus with the history and culture of circus. As an ambassador for AYCO Rob Mermin will drive across the USA, hosted by circus groups, schools and fans’ groups wherever he is invited along the way.

The idea for this tour was sown by Mermin’s keynote address on circus traditions at the AYCO Youth Educators Conference in September. In his talk, Mermin addressed the importance of promoting not only the skills that youth circuses teach, but also of preserving the connection to circus history and culture. This message resonated with conference participants, and the tour was conceived as a means to further AYCO’s mission of fostering youth participation in the circus arts. The tour has additional support from Circus Smirkus, the traveling youth circus that Mermin founded in 1987.

We encourage AYCO members to host a stop on Rob Mermin’s tour, and help find other organizations that would be interested in doing so.  

Contact Rob by email at Rob@smirkus.org or by phone at (802)922-1339. (During November, Rob will be out of the country so phone inquiries may be made to Amy at AYCO on (914) 441-8834)

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