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Youth Advisory Committee 

The AYCO Youth Advisory Committee is a small committee of current and engaged AYCO youth members which provides feedback to the AYCO Board of Directors from the youth perspective. The YAC provides suggestions, opinions, and input on the efficacy and impact of AYCO structure, programs, events, and initiatives. The Youth Advisory Committee is the representative voice of circus youth in the governance of the American Youth Circus Organization.

Current YAC members: Natasha Shatzkin, Ruth Schultz, Iggy Parker, and Babette Cromartie.

YAC nominations are rolling (always open). A YAC nominee must be a current AYCO member, and must be nominated by another current AYCO or ACE member (youth or adult). Once nominated, the nominee will be asked to submit a personal statement and then must be approved by the current YAC. The YAC is committed to expanding diversity in all forms of representation – racially, culturally, socioeconomically, geographically, and in gender identity. Nominate someone for the YAC HERE!